Noise! 2012


We Don't Care About Music Anyway . . .

Directed by C├ędric Dupire and Gaspard Kuentz

. . .It is only through it that the beauty of a feedback noise, the crunch overdrive of a loudspeaker, of a police siren, of a garbage crusher is revealed. The musical gesture magnifies the daily gesture, as the musical sounds do for the city noise, providing its sonorous and visual relevance to the complex city embodying these two far-ends in its own womb. . .

"Kick That Habit"

Directed by Peter Liechti

Runtime: 42 minutes. "Kick That Habit" is Peter Liechti's classic sound film which documents the activities of seminal Swedish improvisational duo Voice Crack (Norbert Moeslang and Andy Guhl). Its artful, cinematically unique sequences transcend the usual parameters of documentary.


By Thirteen Hurts

Nature as noise.

"Avoiding Multicolinearity in Automatic Soundtracks: A Statistical Analysis of Textural, Temporal, and Spatial Properties of Breaking Waves"

by Abram Hindle and Parker Thiessen

The shores of Iceland put to a soundtrack generated with a combination of R, Perl, Csound, and OpenCV.